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Now that the first hit out for a rejuvenated York Lokomotive has been confirmed, Saturday 16th March at home vs. Catterick Crusaders, pre-season training is about to shift up another gear in conjunction with Black Diamond Fitness.


Training for the Lokos started a few weeks ago with the first session been disrupted by the snow although we still had a good number turn out. The following week saw 22 turn up for training followed by 25 at the next session, the first to be taken by new head coach John Hough. With a good few still to start the playing roster is looking very healthy. High numbers is a good indicator that the club is an attractive place to play and looking at the boys we’ve had down at training there is a good wealth of experience and also a lot of talent, although talent and numbers can only get you so far, formula for winning can only really be completed with fitness and this is where our friends at Black Diamond come in.

For several weeks now some of the squad have been training down at the Black Diamond studios on a Saturday morning and more recently a Thursday evening too. They have been put through their paces, some might even say tortured by the brilliant Craig Feather & Lee Brown and the now they’ve suggested we get serious (pfft as if we haven’t already). Starting this Saturday (9th March) a six week fitness challenge will get underway. The first session will consist of a weigh in, measurements and fitness tests, with additional nutritional and supplement advice. Then over the next six weeks we will be put through a gruelling but highly beneficial all round fitness training in preparation for the season, to give us that extra edge in the last 15 of the game. If been fitter, healthier and a challenge against yourself and your team mates aren’t enough, you’re a fool, but there is also a prize. Oh and for the loser BURPEES!

So lads our first game is on the 16th March followed by our first appearance in the York Cup against Acomb rivals York Acorn followed by hopefully more rounds of the York Cup and our first league game on the 4th May. The question is, are you, tough enough? Do you want it enough? Are you committed enough?  Do you want to win silverware? Are you one of the Lokos? Or are you just a pleb?




 2013 is to be a stellar year for rugby league according to many within the game. We have the first major sporting event after the Olympics to be held in the UK in the Rugby League World Cup, with an expanded tournament from 08, big ambitious venues, pre sales going well and renewed hope that England will go well, the eyes of the nation should be on ‘The Greatest Game’ come autumn.  Before that though we have the domestic game to come, with this promises to be one of the best yet.

In Championship One we have the introduction of 3 new teams, making this division the most nationally diverse league ever in the game, from Gateshead to Gloucester to Wrexham to Hemel and many more places along the way, nicknamed the league of death by some, to me it’s more like the league of new opportunity. The Championship has now been expanded to a 14 team league with top 8 play offs to mirror the Super League. This division contains some of the sport’s most famous clubs and again promises to be a very tough league with it becoming ever more difficult to pick the winner in any one game. The Super League in 2013 (I know this is said every year) is I believe going to be the best season to date. Yes you can probably still call who will be towards the top, but in which order no one knows, I also  believe the battle for 7th to the wooden spoon is too difficult to call. Salford are probably favourites to prop up the table but with the good Drs Takeover now at the helm I believe they will be a lot stronger than many thought. Warrington are tipped to finally win the big one this year, but reigning champions Leeds any others such as Wigan, Saints, a big spending Hull and a few more will have something to say about it. We also have the Northern Rail Cup and the newly sponsored Tetley’s Challenge Cup to come as well, to name the winner in anyone of these, be it league or cup is very very difficult and to me this is the sign of a good competition.

Now to the biggest draw in rugby league, the Yorkshire men’s league. It’s been a year since the majority of the amateur game switched to summer; there was a few teething problems, as was to be expected in the first year, fingers crossed that these will be ironed out for the forthcoming season.  Early signs look good with the new league structure, which includes a 10 team premier and 2 leagues of 8 below that, and to underpin all that an entry league bursting with teams.  Hopefully for us there won’t be the problems of teams not fulfilling fixtures against us this year and a bit more settled and levelled out standard.

York Lokomotive will sit in Group 2 which includes York & North Yorkshire derby games against Heworth & Scarborough Pirates respectively, as well as some trips to Hull & West Yorkshire.  The Lokos have a hectic pre-season schedule booked with trial games against the fore mentioned local rivals and also a cross code game against partner club York RI RUFC. The season starts proper on 30th March when we meet another local rival York Acorn in the York & District Cup, to be played at our New Lane ground. With a new committee and a new coach, former player John Hough installed, and plenty of enthusiasm from the players this season is not only going to be a stellar year for the rugby league but for York Lokomotive too.  Full steam ahead to choo thousand and 13.

Holderness Vikings
York Lokos
Scarborough Pirates B
Beeston Broncos
West Bradford Barbarians
Shaw Cross Sharks


York Lokomotive Launch New Website

 York Lokomotive is in some what a period of transition at the minute, with the majority of the old committee stepping down after five brilliant years at the helm, nurturing the club from its birth and through the difficult early years to flourish into the outstanding club it is now. They are now to be replaced by a young, vibrant and exciting new breed hoping to continue the ‘Old Boys’ great work and put their stamp on the Loko’s.

To go with that we thought we’d make ourselves a new home on the net. So welcome to our new website, it’s a bit of an update on our old one and in turn we are still getting to grips with it, so please bear with us as we are updating as we go. We at the Loko’s hope you enjoy it and if you want to talk to us about anything please do not hesitate to

Some of the old Committee


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